MILFs Seduce Teens

I was 18 years old when a friend and I found a part time job at a rubber recycling factory. It was much closer to where he lived and here, owning a car is an exception at that age and you are on eligible for a driver’s license at 18.

It was a 2 week opportunity and I stayed over at his place. His parents’ house that is.

His dad was an international commercial pilot and gone for days on end. His mother did not have to work as dad raked in the cash.

We came home every afternoon completely exhausted, took a shower, have a quick snack and off to bed.

One night I woke up thirsty and went to the kitchen for a drink and there she was standing with the tiniest nighties and the biggest set of tits. I missed out, but I’m trying to relive it with a savings of up to 78% with our Moms Fuck Teens discount.


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