Grandma Knows Best

Have you ever noticed how grandmas always seem to know it all, and they’re somehow always right? They can seem overbearing, but the fact of the matter is, when you have experience and know how, why let someone else fuck something up that you know you can do better?

I remember my mom getting annoyed when my grandma would ignore her requests and do things her way, with better results. I imagine if my grandma were to here about some younger dude jerking off to teen babes she would say “no sonny, that’s not how it’s done. She doesn’t even know how to suck a cock, it goes like this…” or something of that sort.

Anyway, what I’m saying is if you use this link to save on granny porn you’re going to get action from women who have experience. Who know what they’re doing better than anyone else. It’s just a fact.

If that’s not enough, I imagine my gran would say you should go ahead and see all of the porn discounts here. I mean, she always says you should shop around any way.


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