Grannies Want Your Cock, Not Your Bullshit

The usual image of a grandma is a tiny, frail woman who speaks softly and is sweet as can be. Or you get a plump woman with huge boobs, who is always cooking for and feeding everyone, telling them they are too skinny. But I am not interested in that. To me, grannies are older women that just don’t give a fuck anymore. They have been there and done that. Now that they have made it to a ripe old age, they want your cock, not your bullshit. They put in their time as the nurturing matriarch, now they are ready to reward themselves with as much pleasure as they can get. They don’t have the same hang ups as younger women either.

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These Scenarios Though

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I always used to imagine grandmas as being old, wrinkled, and gray. Sometimes plump with big tits to comfort me with, or frail and needing protection. Times have changed though. I look at old women like Jane Seymour and Susan Lucci and can definitely still see the sexy factor there. I guess cosmetic surgery, skin creams, and self care really do work miracles.

Then there are the MILFs who are about to become grannies. A lot of them are having their kids young and then hitting their sexual peak just as the kids become teens or coeds. They are still hot as hell and full of energy for fucking. is a mega site dedicated to those women. These are the step moms, the friend’s moms, the nurturing neighbors, and so on. Whatever your MILF fantasy is, there’s a good chance you will find a scene in this collection to go with it.

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It’s Not Cheating If There’s No Penetration

I met this lady a few years ago. We hit it off right away. There was definitely a strong sexual attraction between us. The chemistry was impossible to deny. We went out a few time to dinner and she would rub on my leg under the table. Sometimes she would rub her neck and let her hand glide down over her breast, knowing I was watching every movement very closely. I had to have her.

Finally she told me she’s married. I told her I didn’t care I wanted her so badly there wasn’t anything that could stop me. We discussed it at length and finally came up with the agreement that we wouldn’t technically have sex. We would just play around. No penetration. That was the best deal I ever made. She would jerk me off in all different ways.

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Before you visit the site that I am about to tell you about, you will want to be sure that your door is locked, blinds are closed, and you have undisturbed privacy. You are also going to want to have your sound turned on, your cock out, some lube available, and tissue or whatever your preference is. Go ahead and get that all taken care of. Then get comfortable and read the rest of this post.

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Looking over the pornstars inside of Pure Mature blew my mind even before I blew my load. Some of these women have had long careers in porn and I can remember some of their earliest videos from back when they were still fresh young amateurs.

To be fair, “mature” here appears to be referring to any model over the age of 30, so there are some relatively young Milfs and not just grannies. You will find the likes of Janet Mason, Ava Addams, Ariella Ferrera, Brett Rossi, Julia Ann, Romi Rain, and Dani Jensen. We are talking top talent here.

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Grandma Knows Best

Have you ever noticed how grandmas always seem to know it all, and they’re somehow always right? They can seem overbearing, but the fact of the matter is, when you have experience and know how, why let someone else fuck something up that you know you can do better?

I remember my mom getting annoyed when my grandma would ignore her requests and do things her way, with better results. I imagine if my grandma were to here about some younger dude jerking off to teen babes she would say “no sonny, that’s not how it’s done. She doesn’t even know how to suck a cock, it goes like this…” or something of that sort.

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I have no idea how old exactly this woman in picture might be but I have a feeling she’s been a slut her entire life, she ticks all the boxes. There are so many signs but it’s especially the rings on every finger. I have always found chicks like that an easy target and it has never failed me.

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Grannies This Fine Should not be Called Grannies

I mean those titties are clearly straight from the doctor’s office but she has a very decent body, hardly any wrinkles and that pussy of hers is as juicy as any 30 year old’s… especially that clit. Suckable… lickcable. I could comfortably see myself wanting to spend some time down there.

It’s best that you check it out for yourself. What qualifies as grannies in porn these days is cruel if you ask me and if I was a women I’d take exception to it.

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MILFs Seduce Teens

I was 18 years old when a friend and I found a part time job at a rubber recycling factory. It was much closer to where he lived and here, owning a car is an exception at that age and you are on eligible for a driver’s license at 18.

It was a 2 week opportunity and I stayed over at his place. His parents’ house that is.

His dad was an international commercial pilot and gone for days on end. His mother did not have to work as dad raked in the cash.

We came home every afternoon completely exhausted, took a shower, have a quick snack and off to bed.

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How to Become an Expert at Seeking Milf Pussy

Make no mistake about it, seeking milf pussy is going to be quite a chore. It’s going to take it out of you. It takes a lot of work, it takes a lot of focus and attention to detail. Now, I don’t mean to discourage you, I definitely don’t intend to demotivate you or depress you, but this is work.

You have to understand that if anything in life is worth something, it is worth working for. I know your dad probably told you that at some point in your life, but just in case your dad did not tell you that, let me tell it to you now. Anything worthwhile in life is worth working for. In other words, you’re going to have to fight for it.

You see, seeking milf pussy on localmilf is not something that you can do in a vacuum. It’s not like some sort of theoretical academic theory or idea that’s just floating out there on the internet. No. It’s part of a context. It’s part of market dynamics. It’s part of a general economy that fuels the internet. I know that sounds really technical, but it really all boils down to competition.

You see, you’re not the first guy who came up with the idea of trying to bang mothers you’d love to fuck. You’re not the first guy who gets turned on by chicks, married or unmarried, who had kids and who are looking for sex. You’re hardly the first dude to come up with that idea. There’s tons of competition. So if you want to become an expert at seeking milf pussy and banging it, you have to start today.

In other words, you need to join free milf dating sites. You need to build a profile and just learn from the mistakes. Because, let’s face it, you’re not going to hit a slam dunk the first time you try. The first time you try, you’re going to be frustrated. It’s going to be very discouraging, but you have to keep trying and learn from your mistakes and keep scaling up your efforts until you start seeing a pattern.

Focus on what works, and shitcan the rest. That’s how you become an expert at anything. That’s definitely how you become an expert in seeking milf pussy and fucking it like a pro.

Slutty Seniors Fuck Like It’s Their Last Day

You know, I’ve actually worked with senior citizens -not in porn- and in the very common, every-day-type-of-job I was doing with them, just about all of them were as horny as ever. I had so many sultry stares, lip-licks, and invites into the bedroom, it was ridiculous. As the longest-surviving champions of this sometimes-shitty world we live in, the elderly were still raring to go and get their fuck on. Maybe it’s because it could be their last day, any day.

I remember one old geezer in his 80s that was telling me how his wife wouldn’t even touch him anymore. I felt bad for the guy. I almost took him out and got him a lap dance or some company or something. He was practically begging to bust a nut, but I didn’t want to get him into hot water with his wife or potentially lose my job. Another woman was begging me to find her a man. I actually did consider hooking those two up, but no, I erred on the side of integrity and caution. Ha!

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